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Pasadena Pest Inspection Service is not just needed for your own home.

Pasadena Home Inspection

Going out to eat at your favorite restaurant is always a treat. The question is, are they using the best pest control company?

Pasadena Night Out

Why would you want to go out to eat instead of cooking yourself?

Well, you’re not required to plan a meal, go to the store, spend an hour or more cooking a meal, and you don’t have to wash up after the meal.

All you have to do is get hold of some nice fashion footwear & put on a pair of pants and look at a menu. Right?

Pasadena Couple Dining Out

But, if you don’t choose your restaurants with some discretion, you could end up ingesting some rather unsavory dishes. But doesn’t the price of your order cover pest control cost? It should but some place skip this part and still charge you for premium food products served.

Don’t misunderstand me here at All Track Exterminators, there are lots of owners in Pasadena, that have their restaurants regularly Pest Inspected and are really clean and ready to serve you a delightful meal.

But there are some managers out there that don’t have an adequate amount of concern for cleanliness and will cut corners to make a profit.

Thankfully, the health inspector is there to shut those places down as soon as possible. All your favorite food joint needs to do is call their nearest pest control company and figure out what would work best.


Pasadena Home Cooking

These horror stories came from real health inspectors and are quite disturbing that you might end up cooking your own food for a couple months straight. I sure you wouldn’t expect for your favorite restaurant to perform home remedies for pest control at the dining facility, right?

Do You Know What You Are Ordering?

Unclean Nozzle Can Get You Sick

 While I was in a popular buffet chain performing an inspection and revealed roaches. I looked everywhere for infestation for pest control service in Pasadena. I grabbed my shop vac and moved fast to get hold of those pesky insects.

Pasadena Roach Service

Once I lifted the back of the soft serve ice cream machine they poured all over the place like a waterfall all over the floor. We got them all cleaned up. Soft serve ice cream machines all leak and typically, they’re not cleaned well. Hot, wet, and dark is the best place for an infestation, like cockroaches.


Cat Food Tuna Melt

 While a health inspector inspected the fridge, he noticed that the restaurant had cat food in there. The inspector was preparing to talk to the owner about not feeding strays cat near the restaurant, but instead, she began talking about how she got a good deal on a pallet and no one could possibly tell the difference. Yeah, she was using it in the tuna fish melt sandwich. That place was known for its tuna melt.” I think tomorrow you might want to order Wendys.


Pasadena Fruit Flys On Wall

 The Health examiner decided to go out back into the kitchen corner inside the prep part but got light headed because one of the particular the wall surfaces was waving similar to a flag. He managed to get closer and became aware to him that they were ultimately just a large amount of fruit flies merely moving over one another and overlaying the complete wall area. A low cost pest control would prevent this,


 A shutdown of a restaurant took place 3 times in as many as 3 years. They used to leave frozen raw meat in sinks full of water overnight to thaw. Mice and rats which would eat on them overnight. In the morning they would just cut off the chewed bits and serve the rest. Most pest service provide rodent control.



Pasadena Inspection

 This place in Northern Georgia. It was subsequently a sizable elaborate looking restaurant, more or less remote near to the outskirts from the very small community. One day, a client is actually consuming his food item and his chicken displays a bite taken out of it. Some people complain to the particular physical health office and then it happened to be that the site was actually making use of food items left behind upon customer’s plates.



Pasadena Pest Inspection

 More reguarily then not an ice appliance possesses an active and pretty extraordinary slime mold within it. Just simply place the top of your head in and take a look upward.


Pasadena Pest Management

 This dessert bakery would make the dessert pastries fresh each morning after which leave all of them to cool down in the daytime. Later the actual pie fillings would definitely be added in to make the remaining bake. Health issues appeared as soon as the roaches climbed in the perfect warm pastry bases and then enjoyed an awesome covering of pie filling added prior to being cooked inside a slow death range. That bakery was closed down. The closure could have been prevented with the help of a pest control services.



Pest Control Pasadena Ca

Found maggots within the espresso machine. Business owners repeatedly left milk not chilled overnight and utilized it then in beverages the following day.



Guacamole Avocados

 Gum cannot be in customers guacamole… this restaurant was SHUT DOWN.


There aren’t enough signs posted to make a complete change. If there is any one test that an inspector watches for is for, hand washing. It happens quite often that they have seen cooks walk right out of the bathroom wearing their shift floor gloves and cooking apron still on. This quite often results in a violation.


All Track Exterminators Pasadena

  The claim was that someone’s acrylic nail was actually located on the hamburger after it arrived. The person delivered the particular fingernail for the health department inside a bag.

The finger nail was decorative, decorated with flowers, etc. The consumer has gone back again to the counter and start to refer to the specific situation onto the supervisor.

She pronounces “Uh uh, none of us available ideal here shed their personal nail”?  The employee looked at her hand and observes the other 9 matching nails.

Would you like to ever eat at a restaurant with a less than perfect health status ever just as before? I actually don’t think I am able to!

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